Revolutionary War

Dear Miss Adorable…The John And Abigail Love Story Continues

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I hope you don’t think that my previous post recounting John and Abigail’s letter writing was the last word on the subject. Good Godfrey, friends, we could shoot the breeze from now to eternity on that subject. Yessirree, that post was merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


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The One Thousand Letter Love Story

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Did the Man say one thousand one hundred and sixty letters? Look,


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The Marquis de La Fayette — The Son George Washington Never Had


Are you ready for this? His real name was– hold on to your hats, this may take some time–



Nathan Hale – An American Hero

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During the years of the Revolutionary War if you were a spy, you were the lowest of the low. I mean, we’re talking turncoat or at the very least, a member of the criminal class.


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Ben Franklin’s Son Sides With Great Britain – Says NO To Independence!

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I guess you thought all of our colonists….in those early days….were of the same mind.I mean, about separating from those nasties in the mother country. 


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Was He A Patriot Or Was He A Traitor?

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The “he” we’re talking about– if you haven’t figured it out yet– is Benedict Arnold.


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What Happened To The Midnight Ride of William Dawes And The Lights In The Tower Paul Revere Never Saw?

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As students we have all thrilled to the story of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride through the Massachusetts countryside warning the colonists of the impending British Army. It was a clear cool night on April 18, 1775.


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