Dolly Madison — Hostess With The Mostess

By Don Vitale You’ve heard it said– many times I’m sure– that behind every successful man, there’s a strong, wise, hardworking woman. While you may draw a blank to come up with examples on the spot, friends, look no further than Dolly Madison, this country’s official First Lady, the wife of President James Madison. Great […]

The Man You Won’t Find In Your Early American History Books

By Don Vitale Here’s someone I came across the other day…a fellow who made what I would call singular contributions in the infant days of the Republic. Yet I dare you to find him in any of your American history books. Not in our history books? Singular contributions? For starters, how about a fellow who […]

Dear Miss Adorable…The John And Abigail Adams Love Story Continues

By Don Vitale I hope you don’t think that my previous post recounting John and Abigail’s letter writing was the last word on the subject. Good Godfrey, friends, we could shoot the breeze from now to eternity on that subject. Yessirree, that post was merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. John and Abigail Adams […]

The One Thousand Letter Love Story

By Don Vitale Did the Man say one thousand one hundred and sixty letters? Look, can’t we just call it an even thousand? Your nodding says “No.” Okay, one thousand one hundred and sixty it is. We’re talking letters, folks. Letters that John Adams and his wife Abigail wrote each other during their lifetime. Impressive? […]

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Both Died On The Same 4th of July! Coincidence?

By Don Vitale Are you with me on this? Can you possibly believe the odds that two Founding Fathers would die on the Fourth of July. To be precise…on July 4th, 1826. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Both men on the same day…in the same year. And not just any July 4th. Nosiree my good […]

How Jefferson Pulled Off The Greatest Land Grab In American History!

By Don Vitale Was it outstanding, incredible or even unbelievable? All three, friends, because the subject is the Louisiana Purchase.  Over 52 million acres.  More than 800,000 square miles. Land the size of over a dozen present-day states. And…while you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in a couple of Canadian Provinces. You’re probably wondering […]

Taking The Monroe Doctrine Exam

By Don Vitale Let’s face it, Americans are clueless when it comes to this country’s founding principles. Take the Monroe Doctrine. Let me tell you, this is a high-octane,Take-No-Prisoners, Private-Property-Trespassers-Beware foreign policy. Don’t believe me? Take the Monroe Doctrine Exam. It’s The Man-On-The-Street approach. Ask any ten fellow Americans this simple question, namely: What exactly […]

Why We Should Deep-Six “The Star-Spangled Banner” As Our National Anthem

By Don Vitale Getting rid of The Star-Spangled Banner may sound like treason instead of reason. But hear me out first, friends, before you have a Stage10 Panic Attack! Francis Scott Key may have been an amateur poet…but he wrote a poem that stirred our spirits based on what he saw during the Battle of […]