Saving Patrick Henry!

By Don Vitale If you’re reading this to better understand early America, you need to repeat after me: “There-Was-No-Media.” Why? Because our Founders lived at a time when there was nothing that even barely resembles what we now have and use on a daily basis. In other words No Internet, No iPhone or Texting. No […]

Nathan Hale – An American Hero

By Don Vitale During the years of the Revolutionary War if you were a spy, you were the lowest of the low. I mean, we’re talking turncoat or at the very least, a member of the criminal class. Not to mention someone who’s unreliable and dishonest to the very core. So how does it happen […]

The Three Dolly Madisons

By Don Vitale C’Mon, folks, ‘fess up. It’s the same question you always wondered about…but never bothered to find out: How did this woman really and truly spell her name? Was it Dolley WITH an E…or Dolly WITHOUT an E…or Dollie WITH an IE? All I know is she’s part of this country’s early history. […]

How Washington Died

By Don Vitale It was 10 in the morning when George Washington rode his horse through heavy snow to inspect his plantation at Mount Vernon. Still physically robust at the age of 67, Washington spent five hours outside marking trees he planned to cut….riding amidst snow, hail and freezing rain. By the time he arrived […]

Ben Franklin’s Son Sides With Great Britain – Says NO To Independence!

By Don Vitale I guess you thought all of our colonists….in those early days….were of the same mind.I mean, about separating from those nasties in the mother country.  That all of our men, women and children were ready to do battle. Sorry to say otherwise, good friends….but that’s not exactly how it was. Sure, the […]

Dueling In America – How Alexander Hamilton Lost His Life!

By Don Vitale Historians say it’s the most famous duel in American History. I agree….definitely one for the history books. The Scene: Sunrise on the morning of July 11, 1804. The Place: A popular dueling ground at the Heights of Weehawken, New Jersey above the Hudson River. The Duelers:  Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. They […]

Who Really Was The First To Write Our Declaration of Independence? Answer: It Wasn’t Jefferson!

By Don Vitale As would-be students of America’s Founding, we’re all familiar with the Declaration of Independence, right? Even if we’re just a garden variety aficionado of this country’s beginning years, we have at least a basic knowledge of that great document. I mean, that’s what the Fourth of July is all about, okay? Parades, […]

Did He Or Didn’t He? That is, Did George Washington Have Wooden Teeth Or Didn’t He?

By Don Vitale Of all the stories of our First President, especially those known as myths and fables, the one that says George Washington wore false teeth that were made of wood is at the top of the list. (Incidentally, from here on I’ll refer to George Washington as GW) We can easily spend a […]