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Similarly, Benjamin Franklin, the son of a Boston soap maker created his own sense of place. Throughout his long life his many talents as a printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, diplomat and statesman defined his sense of place.

Working in a variety of cities over the years — Boston, Philadelphia, London and Paris — for many years, exposed Franklin to environments in which he refined his skills, further establishing his place in the world. Although in France, Franklin's popularity extended to the peasant on the street, those in court circles vied with each other for the distinction of his company, basking in the sunshine of his wit and homely philosophy.

Despite his popularity Franklin never abandoned his personal identity, his sense of place, or the idea of who he was. He stood before kings, helped establish a nation, his inventions improved the lives of millions. Yet this man who received the acclamation of the world, humbly began his last will and testament with the words:
"I, Benjamin Franklin, Printer....."

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