The Life of Thomas Jefferson

By B.L. Rayner

Published in 1832 The Life of Thomas Jefferson was written by B.L. Rayner six years after Jefferson's death. As the author notes in the preface of his book, "the materials for this volume are principally derived from the posthumous works of Mr. Jefferson himself."

Rayner describes Jefferson's voluminous letters and essays written over fifty years as "the richest auto-biographical depositĀ·.ever presented to the world." He also notes that "the historical and biographical portions" of his book are based on "this pregnant source."

The author concludes by recommending that "the character of Thomas Jefferson should be held up to all succeeding generations of American people as the model on which they should habitually fix their eyes, and fashion their own characters and principles."

In 14 chapters Jefferson's unparalleled career is chronicled-- his early childhood at Shadwell, Justice of the Peace, Governor, member of Congress, Minister to France, author of the Declaration of Independence, founder of the University of Virginia, author of the Virginia statute for religious freedom, Secretary of State, Vice-President and President.

D.E. Vitale

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